Edit Page in Git link Configuration

4.1 Tap the "Setup Edit Page in Git Link (Step 2 of 2)" link

4.2 Scroll down the page and locate the "Git Repository Tree URL" field, and then return to your previously created Git repository

4.3 Open the "pages" folder within your Git repository

4.4 When viewing your "pages" folder, copy the entire URL from your Browser

4.5 Paste the URL of your Git repository, but remove '/pages/' and any other text after that

4.6 Tap the "Save" button

4.7 Tap on the arrow-circle button once again to preview the site

4.8 For your final test, tap on the "Schedule" page

4.9 Tap on the "Edit this Page" link

4.10 The Course Hub site schedule page is displayed in GitHub

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