Header Image

The 'Header Image' Atom displays a header image above the menubar on your Grav site.

Download the Gantry 5 Atom

Installing the Atom

Before installing and using the Atom, it is suggested you temporarily enable Gantry's Development Mode

  1. Open the folder of your active Gantry theme. For example, if you are using the Hydrogen theme open the folder /user/themes/g5_helium.
  2. If a custom folder already exists open it, otherwise create it.
  3. If a particles folder already exists within the custom folder open it, otherwise create it.
  4. Upload headerimage.html.twig and headerimage.yaml files into the /custom/particles folder. For example, if you are using the Helium theme copy the two particle files into /user/themes/g5_helium/custom/particles.

Using the Atom

  1. Add the Atom to your theme's 'Atoms' area on the 'Page Settings' panel.
  2. Create a folder called 'headerimage' at root level of your site or within any page folder
  3. Copy the image you want to be displayed for your headerimage
  4. Create a file called default.md and include the following with that file:
title: HeaderImage
published: false
routable: false

Note: you may need to clear Gantry's cache to update the display of the Atom

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