Setting up a Course

1. Course Hub Admin Dashboard

2. Tap "Configuration"

3. Tap the "Site" tab

4. Modify the Site Title

5. Modify custom Menubar items

6. Change the default Blog Post icon

7. Configure the sidebar Twitter Widget

8. Display a site Creative Common license

9. Save any Site Configuration changes

10. Tap "Pages"

11. Review the Course Hub site structure

12. Modify the site header image

Remove the existing "Page Media" image and replace with an image of your choice.

13. Modify the site sidebar

14. Tap on the "+" sign to view Home page items

15. Review the Home page items and blog posts

16. Modify Important Reminders

17. Modify Class Preparations

18. Modify a Homepage blog post (i.e. weekly/class summary)

19. Adding a new top-level page
19.1 Tap "Add Page"

19.2 Choose "Root" for parent and either "Sidebarpage" or "Fullwidthpage" for page template.

20. Adding a new blog post
20.1 Tap "Add Page"

20.2 Choose "Home" for parent page

20.3 Page template "Item" should then be automatically chosen

21. Hide page (or blog post item)
21.1 Tap page title to open page

21.2 Tap Options

21.3 Tap "No" for Published option

21.4 Tap "Save"

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