Grav is a modern database-free CMS which stores Markdown content in a flexible and easy-to-access file structure. When paired with Grav's Git Sync plugin it's a future-friendly open platform that can be partnered with many learning platforms (e.g. Canvas, Moodle, Microsoft Teams, etc.) or used to publish and share open educational resources.

This site contains documentation about the open source Grav Open Course/MultiCourse Hub, Grav Open Publishing Space and Grav Learn2 with GitSync projects. If a simpler path to Markdown publishing with less customization ability is more suitable, you might find the GitHub Pages Docsify Open Course, Docsify Open MultiCourse and Docsify Publishing Starter Kits of interest.

To go from a Markdown file to a simple web page in seconds, check out Docsify-This.

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