Why Use the Open Course Hub if You Are a Tech-Savvy Educator?
  • Reach pedagogical goals unmet by the current Learning Platform (e.g. LMS or CMS) alone
  • Improve student and facilitator experiences, especially on mobile devices
  • Solely decide upon access, sharing and collaborative editing of course materials
  • Efficiently create and update online course materials, online and on your desktop
  • Easily repurpose online course materials on different platforms for different contexts
  • Fully leverage your existing Web authoring skills while using current Web standards

The Open Course Hub was designed to:

  1. Help you go beyond the constraints of your LMS while keeping student data within it
  2. Help you have more control and choice of tools with your online course presence
  3. Help you provide a more effective online course presence for students
  4. Help you deliver a better multi-device experience for your online course presence
  5. Help you make your online course materials better support the 5Rs of OER
  6. Help you manage and update your online course presence more quickly
  7. Help you leverage Web standards and technical skills with your online course presence

The guiding design principles for the Open Course Hub are:

  • Educators
    • Controllable
    • Pliable
    • Portable
    • Efficient
    • Enjoyable
  • Students
    • Engaging
    • Organized
    • Relevant
    • Convenient
    • Enjoyable

Open Course Hub Problem Statements:

Educators need a means to deliver and integrate materials outside their LMS to reach their pedagogical goals while still keeping sensitive student data within their LMS.

Educators need a way to deliver a better multi-device experience because students expect to be able to access and interact with their online course presence at any time, on any device.

Educators need a way to more quickly update their online course presence so more time is available for other teaching activities and it’s easier to keep their materials up to date.

Open Course Hub Value Proposition Statement:

The Grav Open Course Hub helps tech-savvy educators to enhance the student and facilitator experience by pairing their existing LMS with a modern open platform supporting Markdown content and a collaborative Git-based workflow.

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